TalentCards is a microlearning solution that lets you deliver fast and efficient learning on the go. You build content and manage users through an intuitive web interface, while learners engage with their training through native iOS and Android mobile apps. 

Content is distributed through sleek learning cards that can be enriched with bite-sized information containing text, image, video, audio or links. Cards can be combined into sets to produce topic-specific training for different audiences. 

TalentCards also supports gamification and simple assessments to enhance the learning experience and improve knowledge acquisition. 

Why TalentCards? 

Microlearning or bite-sized learning has proven to be an efficient, and oftentimes, superior learning method. By presenting learners with small chunks of information at a time, both knowledge acquisition and retention rates go up.  

At TalentCards, we take this learning approach and make it more effective by offering it on mobile phones. This way, learners can choose where and when they want to learn and can pick the best time and place to focus on their training. 

TalentCards is a versatile solution. It can be used as a standalone training tool or to complement classroom-based or any other online training program.  It can support any training scenario where simple information needs to be delivered quickly, like, mass employee training,  (just-in-time) sales training, compliance or refresher training, and even academic teaching. 

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