To add a new card set, sign in to your TalentCards account and go to the Card Sets (1) page where you can see all your card sets in alphabetical order or from the newest set and back (2). Click on the Create Set button (3) to open the card set editor. 

Enter the new card set's Name (4) (up to 80 characters), write a Description (5) (up to 200 characters), and upload a Set Image (6) to be used as a cover.

By default, a new card set is hidden from the public, and its cards are double-sided.
Before moving on to your card set's content, you can opt for Double-sided (7), Single-sided (8) or Spaced repetition (9) cards and make it Visible to the public (10) from the start. To finish setting up your card set click on the Save Changes button. 

Note: when creating a double-sided card set, both sides of a card need to be created (and have content) for the card to be visible to learners.

And now you are ready to start adding your content. On the editor's left panel (1), there is a list of all the card set's content: cards, tests, and questions. From here you can:

  • Add cards and tests (and questions).
  • Add labels to cards and tests for administrator use (labels are not visible to the end user).
  • Clone cards and tests.
  • Hide or delete cards, tests and questions.

On the editor's right panel (2) you can:

  • Edit a question and its proposed answers (4).

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