To mass-import users into your TalentCards portal, sign in to your account, go to the Users (1) tab, and click on the Import Users (2) button. 

Go to the From File tab and select the CSV/XLS option (3)

The Attributes mapping tab will open where you can match the TalentCards column names with the File column names. Check/Uncheck (4) the data you want to import and hit Next (5).  

Download the template file (6) or simply create your own XLS or CSV according to the following instructions:

  • Populate the first row of your sheet with the following data: Email, First name, Last name, Country code, Mobile phone number. If you are using custom fields for users you can import this data as well

  • Add one user per row by entering all the information above

Note: the country code must be added as a text type of cell and in the format + and the digits (so for example +30 for Greece and +32 for Belgium).

Upload your file after clicking on Select File (7).

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