Sign in to your TalentCards account, go to the Card Sets tab and open a set for editing by clicking on the Edit Set button.

To add a test to a card set, click on the Add Test button (3) and, on the editor's right panel, start adding your questions. 

There is only one type of question available and that is the "multiple-choice."

In the respective fields, enter your question (up to 120 characters) and up to 4 possible answers. Only one answer can be the correct one, and each answer must not exceed the 40-character limit. 

To be published, a question must contain at least two possible answers. 

Questions can be left in draft mode until you click on the little "eye" icon to make them "visible" (4).

You can keep adding questions before you move along to the specific test's settings (5). 

From there, you can set the test's required passing score (in correct-answers percentage) and choose whether or not the user is shown the correct answer after an unsuccessful attempt (6).

When a test is no longer needed, you can either hide or delete it (7).

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