To get the best out of your training, you will (more than likely) want to include written text on your cards. Here's how you can do that.  

To add text to a card:

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account, go to Card Sets (1).

  2. To open a set, go to Edit Set and then click on an existing card or Add Card (2) to create a new card. 

  3. From the card editing toolbar, go to Text (3).

The text area on a card is divided into three hot spots (Auto text). 

  • You can insert text in any one or all of the hot spots (4) and edit the text's color and the background's opacity (5). 

  • You can style your text in bold, italics or underlined. 

  • To expand within their defined limits, the hot spots auto-shrink all inserted text accordingly (6). 

Note:  Auto Text uses hot spots to auto-shrink all inserted text accordingly. If you want to type your text and then edit it as you want, use Free Text.
Other content you can add to a card includes (7):

  • Video: search for a video on YouTube or insert a YouTube URL.

  • Audio: upload an mp3 audio file from your archive (16Mb max).

  • Hyperlink: attach a link to an external webpage.

Attachments appear as icons on the bottom of a card. Click on any icon to view the attached content (8).

When a card has more than one attachment, the respective icon simply opens an attachment list (9). 

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