The TalentCards background creator is a powerful tool built to stimulate your creativity.

To create a background, sign in to your TalentCards account, go to Card Sets (1), select Edit Content (2) in the set that you want to create a random background.

On the right panel, click on the Background (3) button and go to the Create (4) tab.

Pick an image from our image bank of nearly 4500 illustrated icons (5). To find one or more icons that fit your needs, search either by category (6) or by using the search function (7)

  • When you search for a specific icon, e.g., burger, your search might produce more than one available icon directly related to that term (8). Click on an icon to insert it into your card (9). Use the Randomize button (10), to get random suggestions for combining one of the available icons with different colors and gradients.


  • If your search produces a single icon (11), e.g., eggplant, the Randomize button produces different suggestions by solely switching colors and gradients.

  • When you select a category (12) from the dropdown list, you get all the icons that belong to that category. Thus, the Randomize button produces different suggestions by combining one of those icons with various colors and gradients. 

You can manually pick a solid color for your card's background or switch to a gradient fill (13)

To style the gradient fill, you can pick the combined colors and the gradient's direction (14)

Your selected image can be resized and positioned anywhere on the card (15). There is no limit to how many icons you can use on a card. 

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