To make it easier for you to add a background to your cards, we had our designers develop 56 templates to use as a starting point or simply for inspiration. 

Sign in to your TalentCards account, go to Card Sets (1), hit the Edit Set button on a selected set and open a card on the editor's right panel.

Click on the Background button and go to the Templates tab or click directly on the Template icon (2) to load the 56 ready-made background templates.

Pick one and hit the Insert Template button (3) to set it as the card's background. 

To further edit the selected template, hover your cursor over the card and click on the little "crop" button (4) to open the image editor. 

The image editor supports the following options:

  • Zoom in or out.

  • Rotate left or right.

  • Flip horizontally.

  • Flip vertically.

  • Undo all, to restore the image's defaults.

To conclude the action, click on the Upload button (5).  

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