You can communicate with your users in TalentCards by sending them Email, SMS, or Push notification messages to their mobile phones. All three types of messages can be viewed by the user in-app too. You can send messages to any of your active users who have installed the TalentCards app and joined your portal.

To send a message to your users,

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account as an administrator.

  2. Go to the Users (1) tab.

  3. Select one or more users (2) to send your message to and click on the triple-dot icon (3).

  4. Select the type of message you want to send, Email (4), SMS (5), or Push notification (6).

  5. Edit the message, add a Subject (7) and message (8). When it is ready to be sent click the Message (9) button.

Users can view all of their past messages in the app by opening their Inbox (10) > Messages (11).

If you have enabled automated notifications, users will be able to see those inside the app by opening their Inbox (12) > Notifications (13).

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