To perform mass actions on your users, sign in to your TalentCards account and go to the Users (1) tab. 

Select the users (2) you want to perform a mass action on and click on the triple-dot icon (3). From the dropdown list, you can select one of the following actions:

  • Activate/deactivate: to switch the selected users' status between active and inactive.
  • Assign users to sets: to assign the selected users to one or more card sets at once.
  • Unassign users from sets: to remove the selected users from the card sets of your choice at once
  • Message User(s): to send an email or an SMS to the selected users.
  • Reset Progress: to reset the selected users' progress and activity (this action cannot be reverted).
  • Reset Identifier: to reset the selected users' identifiers (the users are automatically signed out of the app and have to use the new code to sign back in).
  • Delete Users: to remove the selected users from the system.

Use the search option to find a specific user (4) or the filter option to perform an action on users that meet specific conditions (5).

From the filter panel you can define the following rules:

  • Group: Select users that have joined a group
  • Account Active: Select users with an account that is active or not
  • Registered phone: Select members with registered phone numbers
  • Registered email: Select members with registered emails
  • Card sets completed: Select users based on their completed cards sets. Select these sets from the dropdown list. This can be combined with the following:
  • Card Sets not completed:  Select users based on card sets they gave not completed yet. 
  • Account created: Select users that have signed up within a specific time period. 
  • Tags: Select users using specific tags that you have set up. More information on how to tag your users can be found here.

Once you are done click on Apply Filters (6) or choose Reset (7) if you need to start over.

You can still change your filters even after you have hit Apply filters by either clearing them all (8) or removing them individually clicking on the [x] (9) for each item.

When you are done filtering, you can select all the users (10) and perform a mass action (11) on them.

To select all available users, select all users (12) and then select all matching items (13).

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