TalentCards allows you to enhance your cards with YouTube videos, audio files, and hyperlinks.

To add an attachment to a card, sign in to your TalentCards account, go to the Card Sets (1) tab, click Edit Set (2) on a specific set, and pick one of the set's cards to view on the editor's right panel.

From the card editing toolbar, pick:

  • Video (3): Use the search function to find a video on YouTube or Vimeo. From the returned list containing all the videos related to your search terms, pick the one you like. Click Attach Video When you already have a preferred YouTube or Vimeo video, add it to your card by pasting its URL directly to the respective field. You can also upload your own video in one of the following formats: .mp4, .avi, .mov, .wmv. The size limit for video files is 150MB.

  • Audio (4): Upload an mp3 audio file. The size limit for audio files is 16MB.

  • Hyperlink (5): Paste your web URL into the respective field.

When an attachment has been added, an icon linking to it (6) appears at the bottom of your card. That is how you see the card's attachments on your mobile app. To view the attachment, click the icon button. If there is more than one attachment, the icon opens a list of attachments.

When viewing a card set, the cards that contain one or more attachments are marked with a blue flag (7).

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