You can create beautiful backgrounds for your cards by using a combination of colors, icons, and images from the web, or from your own computer.

Add a background Color

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account as an administrator.

  2. Go to Card Sets (1) and select Edit Content (2).

  3. Select Add Card (3) and then click on Background (4), browse (5), or create (6) to access the card background design options.

  4. Under Color (7) you can specify a color (8) and/or select the gradient option (9) to create your own unique card background color combination.

Add an icon

  1. Under Elements (1), you will find Icons (2) which you can add to your cards and resize accordingly (3).

Add an image from the web

  1. To add an image from the web go to Web search (1) where you can search (2) for an image, or paste an image’s URL from the web (3) to add to your card.

  2. Selecting an image in the web search will allow you to adjust the image before adding it. You can crop, rotate, zoom in/out, and flip the image vertically and horizontally. When you’re finished adjusting your image, click Add image (4).

Add an image from your own computer

  1. Select Upload (1), go to browse (2), to upload an image from your computer.

  2. Select the image from your computer, use the image editor to adjust it as needed, and add it to your card background (3).

You can add multiple images and resize them as you like. Images you add from your computer are saved in your TalentCards portal for easy future use, and can be removed at any time (4).

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