Sign in to your TalentCards account, go to the Cards Sets tab (1) and open a set for editing by either clicking on its title or the Edit Set button (2). 

To add a background to a card use the "quick launching" tools that appear whenever you hit the Add Card button (3). These are also available when you go to the Background tab from the card editing toolbar (4). 

To customize a card's background, go with one of the following options:

  • Web Search: We use the Google API to help you search the web for images (5). All the results you get are licensed for use. To use a specific image from the web quickly, simply paste the image's URL on the respective field (6). When the content has loaded, use the image editor to further edit the image. 

  • Create: A powerful tool built to stimulate your creativity. To style a card's background, choose between a solid color or a gradient fill; if you go with a gradient fill, pick the colors and the direction. To give your card a distinct look, select one or more images from an image bank of nearly 4500 illustrated icons. To find the right icon, either pick from a specific category or use the search function. Edit each image's size and position according to your needs. Use as many icons as you like on the same card. 

  • Templates: Our design team has created many beautiful background templates. Use them as a starting point or simply for inspiration.

  • Upload image: Upload an image from your own archive (up to 2MB) (see also this article to know how to upload many card backgrounds at once.

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