Apart from several types of reports, TalentCards provides you with the option to view and export an infographic depicting your training's overall facts and stats.

To do so, sign in to your TalentCards portal, go to your Reports (1) and click on the drop down list to select which group's infographic you want to view (2).

Your infographic begins with some generic information on your portal's usage (3), and a list of the most active sets (4).  

In the "Engagement" section, you see the percentage of users that have completed every set (5), the average % of sets completed per user (6), the average % of sets started per user (7), and the percentage of invited users that have installed the App (8)

In the "Tests" section, you see the average test pass score (9) and the highest scoring tests (10) as well as the lowest scores (11).

Also included in the infographic (12), is a gamification report where you see the top 3 players and their monthly and overall points in total. 

At the end you get an estimate on  potential cost savings (13)

Cost savings are calculated by using the following algorithms:

Less commute hours = 0.5 * 0.5 * 1.3 eLearning hours = 0.325 eLearning hours

  • Whenever there is commute, it is considered to take up to 30 minutes (the first "0.5").

  • Only half of the training is considered to be taken during commutes (the rest is taken in the office or in some other way that doesn't involve commuting) (the second "0.5").

  • In general, eLearning condenses conventional training time. One traditional learning hour is considered to be equal to 1.3 eLearning hours.

  • eLearning hours = Total time spent by all learners in the system

Training savings = 80 * 1.3 eLearning hours / 20 + 10 * 1.3 eLearning hours = 18.2 eLearning hours

  • The cost for creating courses is considered a fixed constant (we don't take it into account here).

  • One trainer is needed for every 20 people. Each trainer is considered to cost $80 per training hour.

  • Each learner is compensated with a small amount of money for every training hour they complete (in our equation that is $10).

  • eLearning hours=Total time spent by all learners in the system  

Better skilled people = Unique learners that have completed at least one course

Note: These are potential savings and do not apply to all cases.

To export your infographic as a JPG file, click on the "Export Infographic" button (14).

Note: When you first enter an infographic report you will be presented with dummy data. You will need at least one user completion, to show there real data of your portal. 

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