New features

  • A Game mode for Quizzes (formerly Tests). To learn more about Game mode, see this article.

  • A Sequential completion mode that allows you to set up learning paths. For more on this new feature, see this article.

  • An option for the admin user to reset specific card sets for specific users as described in this article.

  • The TalentCards public REST API is available. To find out more, see this article.

  • An option for the admin user to activate/deactivate the API functionality.

  • A User Map that shows your users' approximate location, and their avatars when available (Gravatar/GoogleImage are currently supported).

  • An Undo/Redo functionality: Undo or redo previous actions when editing a card set as described in this article.

  • An Infographic that showcases a group's overall statistics.

  • An option to change the background color of a card's text area as described in this article.

  • GDPR compliance: As per GDPR requirements, users are allowed to change their info or delete their account from the mobile app.


  • The filters on the Dashboard page are now retained.

  • The filters on the Users grid are now retained.

  • The Card images' quality has been improved.

  • The last crop position is now saved so that you can resume the process.

  • A description is now optional for Card Sets.

  • The Test has been renamed to Quiz.

  • The default transparency level on a Card’s text area is now 40%.

  • We have migrated to Laravel - Mix 2.

  • The audio model has been substituted by a new audio player like the one in the mobile app.

  • UI/UX Fix: The re-ordering of Cards & Quizzes (formerly Tests) has been improved.

  • Multiple mobile API improvements have been made.

  • General improvements in the filters' transition effects have been made.

Bug Fixes

  • The responsive design glitches are fixed.

  • The UI glitch when trying to delete a single-sided Card is fixed.

  • The transition effect glitch when filters return no results is fixed.

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