When Game mode is enabled, a quiz takes a regular set of questions and turns them into a time and score-based game (1), where, to win, a user has to earn X points (2) before time runs out. 

Every correct answer earns the user a point. With each wrong answer, a user either loses a point or if Hard mode is enabled (3), all points at once. You can choose to show users the correct answer after an unsuccessful attempt (4) or simply tell them that the answer is wrong and specify if the answers are in random order (5).

The questions are presented in a random order. However, no question appears twice in a row before all the available questions have been viewed at least once.

A user has to win at least once to complete the game card. However, they can "replay" the game as many times as they want. As long as a user has won at least once, they can proceed to the next card regardless of their subsequent "replay" results.

Find out more about how to  edit the game mode's settings here

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