In TalentCards, you can easily set up learning paths by using Card Set sequences.
To create a learning path, simply drag and drop your preferred Card Sets onto each other to combine them into a Sequence (1).

In learning Sequences, Card Sets have to be completed in a specific order. To change that order, click and drag your sets (2) to drop them in the preferred position.

You can give each Set Sequence a unique name by clicking on Edit details (3). Also, you can create new Card Sets directly from the Sequence's page by clicking on Create set (4).

Your Set Sequences are available in your Card Sets page along with all your sets (5).

To remove a Set from a Sequence click Edit Sequence from Card Sets then when inside the Sequence hover over the set you want to remove and press the "put back" icon (6).

When a Sequence is left with only one Card Set, it is disabled automatically. There is no upper limit on the number of card sets that can be added in a Sequence. 

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