Maps give you a graphic understanding of the world around us, and TalentCards comes with a map feature that allows you to see where each one of your users/customers is located.
To view your customer map, sign in to your TalentCards account and go to the Users tab (1). Click on the "globe" icon (2) to open the map and check your users' pins for their location. 

When a user has uploaded an image to their Google account, or they use Gravatar, the user pin shows their image instead of their initials (3).
To keep your customer map less crowded, use the available search filters to ask for users from a specific a group and users that are active or inactive. Alternatively, base your searches on details users have already provided or even their progress (4).

Click on a user pin to see when they last used the app or easily access their personal report by hitting "View report" (5).

Users that appear very close on the map will be shown in clusters. Clusters with less than 10 users are shown in blue, and those with more than 10 users are shown in yellow

Note: When a user stays idle for 60', TalentCards automatically updates their current location.

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