Here's how you can decide which user will be the administrator of a group, and set each administrator's permissions.

  1. Click on main menu three-lines symbol in the top-left corner, to open it, and then choose Manage admins (1) from the dropdown list

  2. To create a new admin, click Create Admin (2)

3. Type the new admin's Email, First Name, and Last Name, and choose their Role (3) from the two available options:

  • Group Admin - View: Has permission to view group data but cannot edit them

  • Group Admin - Update: Has permission to both view and edit group data

4. From the Select Groups (4) drop-down list, choose the group(s) you want to assign to your new admin.

5. Click Create admin (5).

Note: Upon creation, the new group admin receives an automated email with the necessary information, including a link where they can set up a password for signing in to the web app.

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