When you delete a user, a card set or a group, the item is not permanently deleted. Instead, TalentCards stores it aside for 30 days, in the Restore data section.

To permanently delete one or more items before the 30-day period expires, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your TalentCards account, click on your name and, from the drop-down list, go to the Restore Data page (1). Listed here, are all your deleted Card Sets, Users, and Groups.

2. Delete an item by clicking the delete symbol. Click Type (2) to sort the results based on type (i.e., Users, Card sets, Groups) and delete similar items faster (3).

Note: To mass-delete items, first select them all. Then, click the more symbol and choose Delete Entities (4).
Note: If a user belongs in two different groups and you delete him from the first one, he/she will still appear in the second group. 

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