The future (and the present) is voice. Here's how to add voice narration to your cards. 

  1. Go to Card Sets, select the card set you want to edit and open a specific card. 

  2. Click on Audio (1) and remain on the Record screen (2).

  3. To start recording click the red button (3)

Note: To continue, you will need to allow to use your microphone.

   4. After the countdown, press the pause button if you need a short break or hit the stop button (4) when you want to finish recording.
   5. To save the narration click on Upload Recording (5) and the system will automatically process the audio and add it as an attachment to the card.


  1. The voice narration can not exceed 5 minutes of duration.   

  2. You can add only one voice narration per card side. 

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