To help you use the spacing effect to your learners' advantage and make sure they effectively retain what they learn, TalentCards lets you apply the spaced repetition technique.

Here's how spaced repetition works in your micro-learning portal:

1. Sign in to your TalentCards account and go to Card Sets.

2. Click Create set.

3. In the Set Type section, click Spaced repetition (1).

Note: Alternatively, you can change the Set Type of an existing set. Keep in mind that you cannot convert sets that contain quiz cards to spaced repetition sets.

4. Click Save changes.

5. Add a few cards to your card set. For example, if you want your users to learn Spanish, create a few vocabulary cards. Add the Spanish word on one side and its translation on the other side.

Note: You cannot add quiz cards to a spaced repetition card set.

When your learners view a card, they can test themselves to see if they know the translation and then flip it for the correct answer. If they're right, they can click I know it, and if wrong, they can click Not yet...

Spaced repetition card sets repeat material in increased intervals to have the learner review what they've learned before they forget it. The more times a user clicks I know it on a card, the less possibility there is for that card to show up again until, eventually, it's "mastered" by the learner.

The card set is completed when all cards are mastered after they've been reviewed as many times as necessary.


Now you can add spaced repetition to your arsenal of learning techniques.

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