New features

  • Spaced Repetition Card Sets: A new type of card set that incorporates the spaced repetition learning technique. To find out how it works, see this article.

  • Push notifications: Send push notifications to users either manually or automatically as described here.

  • Import via FTP/SFTP server: Import users by syncing your portal to a file stored in a remote server. Just follow these steps.

  • Custom Fields: Add custom fields to user profiles as described here. Use the custom fields to filter your user list and refine your searches.

  • Column reordering: Reorder the columns of your user list in a few clicks.

  • Tags: Add tags to user profiles as described in this article.

  • Vimeo URL support: Import video content from Vimeo directly into your cards. For more, see this article.

  • Promote to admin: Assign administrator permissions to any one of your users in a few simple steps.

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