TalentCards uses Zapier to let you integrate your system with a broad range of popular third-party services.

Currently, the TalentCards-Zapier integration includes the following triggers and actions:


·   New User: Triggers each time a new user is created within your TalentCards domain.


·   Create User: Creates a new TalentCards user.

·   Find User: Searches for a TalentCards user.

Before moving on to our guide, you will need to sign up for a free Zapier account, if you don't have already one.

To show you all the steps, we’ll use the TalentCards-MailChimp integration as an example.

1. Sign in to your Zapier account. On your dashboard, click Make a Zap! (1)

2. Under Choose a Trigger App (2), type TalentCards and click on the search result.

3. Choose TalentCards (3) and, after that, select a trigger (4) (e.g. New User - default). Confirm by clicking on Continue (5).

4. Zapier will ask you to Sign in to TalentCards (6). Click on the related button to connect your TalentCards account with Zapier.

5. On the dialog box that pops up, paste your TalentCards API key (7). Click Yes, Continue (8).

Note: To generate and copy your API key, sign in to your TalentCards account, click on your name, and from the drop-down list select System Settings. Select the API Integration tab and click on the Activate API button. Click the copy icon to copy the API key to your clipboard (see this article).

6. After the API key is accepted, your TalentCards account owner email is shown for confrimation. Click Continue to confirm (9).

7. You are now requested to select the TalentCards Group that you want to be checked for new users. Select a Group (Required) (10) from the drop-down list and click on Continue (11) to confirm.   

To complete this step, you can test the integration and select a specific user, if you wish, or you can skip the test (12) to continue.

In any case, Zapier will pull in a user so that we are able to proceed.

8. Welcome to the second 'Do This...' section of your Zap!
Use the search bar below 'Choose App & Event' to find the action app (e.g. MailChimp). Click on the App icon (13) to select it.

9. Choose an action/event (14) (e.g. Add/Update Subscriber) (15) and click on Continue (16).

10. Sign in to connect your MailChimp account (17).

11. Use your MailChimp username and password and click on Log in (18) to confirm your TalentCards-MailChimp connection. 

After the succesfull log in and connection you will be shown your MailChimp account details for confirmation. Click on Continue to proceed (19).

12. Click the drop-down symbol (20) next to the List field and choose one of your existing mailing lists (required).
13. Click the list symbol (21) next to the Subscriber email field, and, from your user’s retrieved data, choose Email (required).
Leave the optional fields as they are and click Continue.

If the subscriber details are correct, click Skip test, and then click Finish.

14. Name your new Zap (22) and click the switch (23) to turn it On

Click See it on your dashboard (24), and you’re done.

When it’s ON, TalentCards portal notifies Zapier when a new user is created, and your Zap adds them to the designated MailChimp mailing list.

Note: To do the reverse (i.e., pull users from a MailChimp mailing list to your TalentCards portal), make a new Zap with MailChimp as the triggering service (i.e., trigger: New Subscriber) and TalentCards as the action service (i.e., action: Create User).

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