Any new card set you create for a group will be assigned to all the users of that group automatically. 

To control the automatic assignment: 

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Card Sets (1).

  3. Open a set for editing, either by clicking the set's title, or by clicking the editing symbol (2).

  4. Go to the Assign (3) tab. 

  5. Click Got it (4).

Note:  If you leave this page now, no user will be assigned to your new card sets. So you will either need to assign users manually, or you can decide on this stage when and to whom this specific set will be assigned (Step 8).

  6. The option Set is assigned to all users (5) is on.

  7. You can control what will happen after your users complete the set (6). Type a set or sequence name. 

  8. If you choose to disable automatic assignment for all users (5), you can assign the set to specific users, based on the following criteria: 

 - Custom fields (8)
 - User tags (9)
 - Username (10)

When you’re done, click Save changes to confirm.

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