You can filter your current card sets by status, type, or sequence rules.

To access filter rules:

  1. Go to Card Sets.

  2. Click All Sets (1) and select the rule you want to apply.

You can filter by: 

Status (2). This separates the card sets into Published, Unpublished, or Scheduled.

Type (3). This separates the card sets into Single sided, Double Sided, or Spaced Repetition.

Sequences (4). This will filter card sets into teams that are part of a sequence.

Note: Rules of the same category (status, type, sequence) have an "or" correlation: if you choose one of the filters, you will only be shown the results of that specific choice. For example, you can’t select Published and Scheduled at the same time, because they’re in the same category.

Rules of different categories have an "and" correlation: if you choose one filter from each category, you will see the results that apply to both filters at the same time. For example, if you select Published and Double sided, you will see card sets that are published and double sided as a result. 

You can close the filters section by clicking anywhere outside the filter section.

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