New Features

  • Video upload: The admin can upload a custom video from the portal, and the learners can access the video using the TalentCards app. More information can be found in this article.

  • Sequence cloning: You can clone the entire sequence with the included sets, following these instructions.

  • Sets filtering: Sets can be filtered by Status & Type. Click here to find out more.

  • Languages: The mobile app has been translated to 4 more languages - German, Italian, Greek, and Russian.

  • Demo portal: ¬†Users can view a demo portal through the mobile app, without having to enter a user code. You can find out how in this article.


  • Super select: The admin can now select all the users without having to navigate through the pages and apply mass actions.

  • Quick navigation links: New set & new user through the navigation menu.

  • Single save button in app control.

  • Layout in set details matches the configuration page.

  • Users export is optimized.

  • Infographic rewritten for more efficiency.

  • New transition on opening a card or quiz (mobile).

Bug fixes

  • Set default value for active field in customer fixed.

  • Miscalculation on how many users completed sets at infographic is now fixed.

  • The scroll height in the Groups section of the system settings is fixed.

  • Clone drop-down menu glitch is now fixed.

  • Vimeo search at card set video modal fixed.

  • The position of the set details cropper menu is now fixed.

  • Microfixes in the app menu.¬†

  • Error on 'Copy to set' modal fixed.

  • Card accidentally opening on fast scrolling fixed (mobile).

  • Issue with push notifications on iOS fixed (mobile).

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