To start a search in your TalentCards portal, click in the search-bar area (1) or simply use the slash "/" key on your keyboard.

The search results will include, as you type, all the following matching items (listed according to content type):

  • Users: first names, last names (2), emails, and phone numbers

  • Groups: names (3)

  • Sets: names and descriptions (4)

  • Sequences: names and descriptions

  • Cards: single cards’ titles and text on a card (5)

  • Tests: name/title and question text

After you click one of the results, according to the content type of each item, you will see the following actions executed:

  • Users: you will be redirected to the users’ report page

  • Groups: you will be directed to the group you choose 

  • Sets: you will visit the set related to the search result

  • Sequences: you will be sent to that sequence

  • Cards: you will be redirected to the Card Set that contains that card, and the specific card will be in focus

  • Tests: you will be redirected to the quiz; if you clicked on a question in the search results, that question will be in focus

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