To view a specific Card Set’s analytics and report:

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account as Admin or Owner.

  2. Click on the Card Sets (1) tab.

  3. Hover over the Card Set until a Graph icon (2) appears in the bottom right corner.

Note: If the Card Set belongs to a sequence you’ll first need to enter the sequence and click on the report icon of the specific Card Set.

You can also access the Card Set report form the Card Set Edit page by clicking on the same Graph icon (3).

4. Click on the Graph icon and you'll be redirected to the report page.

At the top of the page, you’ll see a stats bar with info specific to this set:

  • The number of users assigned to the set

  • The completion rate

  • The number of cards in the set

  • The number of tests in the set

  • The number of games in the set

Below the stats bar, you’ll see the Users (4) tab. Here you’ll find a list of users assigned to the set with various info:

  • The user’s progress

  • The user’s score

  • When each user started the set

  • When each user completed the set

  • If the set has been assigned to a specific user

To manage users, you can select one or more user and complete one of the following mass actions (5):

  • Unassign from this set

  • Assign to this set

  • Reset progress

Note: Card Set analytics and reports can only be viewed online and cannot be exported.

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