Learners using the TalentCards App can download card sets they need in advance and view them without an internet connection.

When users access the app and navigate to the Sets page, they will see the message, Download sets for offline use. The message only appears if there are sets that haven’t been downloaded for offline use yet.

Click the Cloud (1) icon and the sets will begin to download.

As the download process starts and continues, progress will be shown both with an orange horizontal bar and a percentage value. The user can Pause (2) the download process at any time.

Once the download is complete, the Download sets for online use indicator notifies the user and then it vanishes.

How to delete downloaded card sets

Learners can delete downloaded cards sets at any time by going to Profile > Settings indicated by the Gear icon (3).

Go to Offline Content and select Clear downloads (4).

Confirm the action by clicking Remove (5).

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