To create multiple cards with different backgrounds at once:

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account as an administrator.

  2. Go to Card Sets (1) and open a set for editing, either by clicking on the set's title or by clicking the Edit Content button (2).

  3. Click the three horizontal dots icon on the bottom center of your screen (3) and select Image upload (4).

  4. Drag and drop your images from your finder window to the left side of the editor. TalentCards’ smart crop functionality places images onto cards so that they will best fit in the allotted space. If you’d like to adjust how the image has been placed onto the card, you can do so using the crop button, as described here.

Note: With the multiple-image upload functionality, images are automatically set as backgrounds for new cards. New cards are named after the image’s file name, but you can always rename them in the card editor. To speed things up, we suggest that you rename your image files before upload. A max of 20 images can be uploaded at a time.

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