If you have created more than one TalentCards account and would like to copy sets from one account into another, you can do so using the Import sets function. To do so, you will need to copy the API key from the portal where the card set originates, and paste it into the portal you wish to copy the card set into.

Step A: Copy the API key from the portal where the original card set is located

  1. Sign into your TalentCards account containing the set you wish to copy as the Administrator.

  2. Open the left side-menu (1) and select System settings (2).

  3. Select API integration (3) and then copy the API key (4).

Step B: Import the Card Set

To import the card set to the destination portal:

  1. Sign in to the destination TalentCards account as the Administrator.

  2. Select Card Sets (1) > Import sets (2).

  3. Select Import from portal (3) and paste the API key copied from Step A in the API field (4). Select the TalentCards account that will appear.

  4. Search for the name of the group (5) that contains the card set you would like to import, and the set (6) that you want to copy.

  5. Choose which group (7) that you want the copied set to belong to in your destination portal, and click Import (8).

The new card set will appear under your Card sets (9).

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