TalentCards lets you add multiple tags to your users' profiles and Card Sets to organize and manage your users and sets base effectively. Tags are shared throughout the account, so you can use the same tags for users and card sets.

Here's how to tag card sets in a few steps:

Option 1:

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account.

  2. Go to Card Sets (1).

  3. Change your screen layout from Grid view to List view (2) (if you’re not already in List view) and select the sets you wish to add/edit tags to by clicking their respective checkboxes (3).

  4. Click on the more symbol (4), and from the drop-down list click Manage tags (5).

  5. On the dialog box that pops up, you will find all available tags (6).

  6. Checking one of the tags (7) will assign the tag to the card set(s). Click on Apply (8) to proceed.

  7. If you have selected multiple card sets, you will notice this checkbox (9). This indicates that some sets (not all the selected sets) already have this tag.

  8. If you want to create a new tag click on Create tag (10).

  9. Click on Manage tags (11) will redirect you to the list of the available tags. More information about the tag list can be found here.

Option 2:

  1. Sign in to your Talent Cards account.

  2. Click on Card Sets (1), and then open the card set you want to tag by clicking its title, or by clicking the Edit Content button (2).

  3. Once you're inside the set, click on Set details (3).

  4. In the Tags (4) field, give your tag a name and press Enter. Create as many tags as you need and click Save changes (5) to update your card set. Each tag you create will be assigned to this set. You can always change or remove a set’s tags in Set details.

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