TalentCards has three main plans: Free, Standard, and Premium. You can sign up for the Free plan and keep using this free account forever without any extra or hidden charges. When ready you can upgrade to a Standard or Premium plan, depending on your feature needs.

Below you will find the features available in each plan.





Multiple content type support

Push notifications

In-app branding

Multiple language support

Offline access for users

Video file upload and storage

SMS invitation

Custom user fields

Unlimited admin accounts

Public API


Scheduled reports

Custom admin permissions

Activity log

Success manager

After choosing your plan, you can then choose the number of users that your plan needs to have, starting from 50 and up to 2000 users.

Note: the subscription cost varies depending on the number of selected users.

Lastly, you can choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. A yearly subscription comes with savings of 20%.

To start your subscription follow the steps here.

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