TalentCards lets you add multiple tags to your users' profiles and Card Sets to organize and manage your users and sets base effectively. Tags are shared throughout the account, so you can use the same tags for users and card sets.

Here's how you can manage the created tags:

  1. Sign in to your Talent Cards account.

  2. Expand the left side menu (1) and select Manage tags (2).

  3. In the tag list you will see the currently available tags and the sets (3) and users (4) that have this tag.

  4. You can add a new tag by clicking on Add tag (5).

  5. You can edit an already existing tag by clicking on the edit icon (6).

  6. And lastly you can delete a tag by clicking on the bin icon (7).

Tags are available as filters for further refining your user base (1) and card set (2) base searches. Find out more about filters here.

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