You can view what a card set will look like on your learners’ phones using the TalentCards Web App. Use the Web App as you are creating new cards to preview them.

Note: In order for your card set to be visible in the Web App, make sure that it is published and assigned to your owner/admin user. Find out how you can publish/unpublish a card set here, and how you can assign/unassign a card set from a user here.

If you are trying to view a double-sided card, make sure that you have added content to both the front and back of the card for it to appear in the Web App.

  1. Sign in to your TalentCards account as the administrator.

  2. Expand the left side-menu (1) and select App Control (2).

  3. Click on the Preview now icon (3).

Talent Cards will open in a mobile device simulator in a new tab. You will be already signed in to the app as your owner/admin account and will be able to view any published card set that is assigned to you.

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